Goodtech is a leading supplier of automation projects in Nordic industry. Deliveries include both turnkey facilities and rebuilding/modernization of existing facilities. We offer the full range of automation solutions, including MES, SCADA, HMI, and PLC

We cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers of hardware. At the same time, we are systems independent and will always choose the most optimal solution for each individual customer based on individual requirements and wishes. In the automation segment, Goodtech delivers technology and customized solutions for streamlining production, material handling, warehousing and logistics - and contributes to saving both cost and footprint, and at the same time improving personal safety in the companies. Deliveries include both turnkey facilities, and rebuilding/modernization of existing facilities - always in line with the right technology.

Our customers work in most industries, and Goodtech is particularly strong within branches such as aquaculture, food, pharmacy and health, energy and power (including renewable energy, district heating, oil and gas, power, and water treatment) and industry (chemical, automotive, machinery, metal, and mineral activities).

Goodtech has partners and customers in several locations in Europe. We help to streamline both smaller local production challenges, but also have significant deliveries to larger international production companies.